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Adeola Patronne



About Adeola Patronne…

Adeola Patronne is an internet personality and content creator from Kent. Starting off making YouTube videos to create a safe space to talk about issues women face, beauty tips and tricks and overall life advice, Adeola has now grown an incredible social media presence with hundreds of thousands of combined followers.

Following her success on YouTube, Adeola branched out to other social media platforms including Instagram, Twitter and TikTok as well as starting up a blog and more recently co-hosting a podcast. Her range of work doesn’t stop there, as Adeola also has her own personal branded store in which she sells both clothing items and accessories.

Admired for showing her authenticity towards the latest social dramas, Adeola often shares her own unapologetic opinion, which has led to her co-hosting BBC’s ‘Pressed Podcast’ alongside Mariam Musa.

Adeola’s great work ethic and dedication is to be admired and her ability to create quality content makes her a force to be reckoned with. A truly great influencer to help boost your brand and latest marketing campaign!

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Adeola Patronne

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Adeola Patronne